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Jo Burrell & Felicity Baker

We are Felicity and Jo, experienced Clinical Psychologists and founders of Ultimate Resilience Ltd, a leading provider of resilience training in the UK.

With over 40 years’ combined experience we understand the damage that can be caused by stress and burnout. Having helped thousands of clients to recover, grow and thrive through stress and adversity, we’ve seen first-hand that few people are familiar with the psychological tools needed to manage the high-pressure features of modern life.



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World-Class Results

· Developed by highly qualified and experienced clinical psychologists with over 40 years’ combined experience caring for people.

· Proven outcomes: 91% of clients successfully show lasting improvements in resilience and wellbeing.

· Highly satisfied clients: 100% of participants rated our courses as ‘Great’ or ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot.

· 100% of online coaching clients ‘Strongly agree’ with the statement ‘I would recommend the resilience coaching to others’.

· As authors of the academically recognised Skills-based Model of Personal Resilience we draw on the science to ensure our training is both practical and effective, helping you to make lasting positive change.



Peak Performance

Our evidence-based training packages teach all the skills and strategies needed to stop living in fear, take back control and become psychologically resilient, whatever the pressure. Our programme gives you the power to push back against stress, to embrace change and live the life you want.

Our mission is to make the skills to thrive in every aspect of life available to everyone.

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Ultimate Resilience Ltd was founded in 2014.

With many years’ experience of delivering quality mental health treatments in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), we were all too aware of the devastating impact that stress, pressure and demand can have on individuals.

Through our own experience of working in high pressure environments we were able to understand the impact of pressures and demands from a unique standpoint.

Having worked with constant change and pressure to deliver a consistently high-quality service, adapted to the diverse needs of our clients, we saw that people respond to stress in multiple ways. Where some struggle to cope and adapt, others are able to bounce back and thrive.

We recognised that our skills as clinical psychologists, our training and expertise, as well as our academic knowledge placed us in a unique position to make the psychological tools needed to manage stress and build resilience available to everyone.

Our specialist training and years of clinical practice mean we know exactly what it takes to beat stress, grow psychological strength and power through challenge and change. Our in-depth understanding of the skills and mindsets needed to be resilient and to bounce back, allow us to help those people already struggling to combat stress, and teach the skills needed to prevent the build-up of problems before they have even emerged.

More importantly, we know from the research evidence and from witnessing the positive changes that our clients have made, that this is a set of skills that we can all learn. Yes, it takes time. Yes, it takes effort and practise, but we all have potential to grow resilience.
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So, we have developed a program for health and resilience training informed by the academic literature on resilience and wellbeing as well as our own clinical knowledge and expertise.

Along the way we have made some mind-blowing discoveries:

· Many resilience training programmes being promoted to individuals and businesses are not based on any clear evidence of what works.
· These training programmes lack an underlying model that can explain why certain skills are included and how the training works.
· Resilience has become a popular quick fix for many organisations and as such is often taught by people who lack the experience and expertise for dealing with the challenges of mental health and who are unable to support clients through the barriers to making successful behaviour change.
· Effectiveness of resilience training courses is often not evaluated and not reported.

Without evaluation, it is hard for clients to understand the effectiveness of the programme. They also have no way of gauging their own progress as they work through the course.
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We knew that our model of resilience had to be better than all these training courses, and as such needed to:
· Be based on a clear psychological understanding of what it takes to beat stress and grow resilience.
· Help clients to build the full range of skills that have been shown to build resilience and wellbeing.
· Be adaptable and able to accommodate the unique and varying needs of clients.
· Help clients recognise and overcome the barriers to change that can undermine successful and lasting behaviour change.

Having developed our model of resilience and evaluated its effectiveness in multiple contexts we knew it worked. We knew that this set of skills and strategies, this psychological know-how was exactly what people needed to build resilience and wellbeing, to bounce back and make lasting changes.

Through our clinical psychology experience and expertise, we recognise that change is not easy. But once established, our clients can see how the benefits of taking time to develop these skills outweigh the challenges.
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Ultimate Resilience is driven by a mission to make the psychological tools to manage emotional difficulties, challenge and change available to everyone. To prepare people to cope and thrive, rather than picking up the pieces after they have been broken down by chronic stress.

Our training model will future-proof you against the damaging impact of high-pressure environments, significantly reducing the risk of chronic stress and burnout, poor physical and mental health now and in the future.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our results have been excellent with 91% of group participants successfully making lasting improvements in their resilience and wellbeing, and 94% of our clients rating our courses as ‘Excellent’ in Trustpilot reviews.

We really will help you let go of fear and live the life you want to live.
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